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Welcome to Front Porch Creations!

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Stylish clothing and accessories


100% cotton


Original creations


Upcycled from discarded garments


Crocheted, weaved and braided


Front Porch Creations offers style and fashion in comfortable handmade pieces. All items are made with 100% cotton – a versatile, light weight, non-allergen material. As often as possible, materials are upcycled from discarded garments. All our jewelry pieces are original, unique and handmade. I started cutting up t-shirts to attend my husband's family reunion. He is from the West Indies, so all ladies - young and aged - came stylin' and profilin' their customized creations. I quickly became addicted! I love taking a boxy masculine piece and adding texture and definition by way of crocheting, weaving, braiding and just good ole cutting skills to make a feminine island inspired piece.

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